Protect The Innocent

Protecting Innocent People in a Lockdown Situation

Effective lockdown procedures that are regularly tested are unfortunately today a necessity. Ensuring that these plans work in practice is a far different matter than 'second guessing' that your plans will be good in a real situation and if the plans don't work then there could be serious loss of life.

Ensuring that your Proactive Lockdown Procedure will work

With such diverse solutions available today there often seems an answer to every 'problem' that could be encountered when you are responsible for ensuring a successful lockdown - but in reality it's important to consider what solutions or implementations work fine on paper, but are maybe destined for failure should the worst happen.

Examples of conflicting information abound from almost every source... should the messaging be audible and notify the intruder(s)? or quiet so as not to frustrate the situation? Should you bring pupils inside the building if they are outside? or should you ensure they leave the area? Should you 'go searching' for missing pupils? or should you ensure the pupils you have are safe? At best it could be a minefield where one wrong step will cost the lives of innocent people in your care.

School Children Under Threat

innocent children

Often policies need to include calls to emergency services and it is likely that these calls will be made by most proactive procedures in place... but when under severe stress what if that does not happen? is there really any alternative so that if someone 'forgets' to contact emergency services would or could that call still happen?

And with an incredible number of scenarios that could literally end in costing lives how sure are you that your procedures that are always dependent on secure, robust and effective communications will be successful when needed the most?

Always investigate the NaCTSO and NPCC guidance regarding anything to do with a dynamic lockdown that is going to be successful and remember that your local council often also have other guidance information that is useful.

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The communications systems utilised on-site will have a massive effect on the success or failure of the overall lockdown success or failure and systems that simply don't work effectively (or where sometimes systems cannot integrate with each other) are generally to be considered lower down the scale of choice.

We are a manufacturers office that supply on-site or off-site communications equipment (based on a number of technologies) that you can use effectively to create a dynamic lockdown procedure for your school, academy or university that should be successful in achieving your goals for protecting the innocent children and students in your care.

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