Paging Systems for School and Academy Lock-down

Different Classes of Communications Hardware

We have a number of solutions available depending to some extent on the range that you need to cover when entering in to a lockdown situation. From simple pager systems, through networked paging, two-way radios that these days include silent texting to all radios and additions such as automatic emergency dialing in the case of any emergency situation to up to three emergency numbers.

What is important about the equipment is that it remains silent so that no-one other than the necessary people involved are aware that there is communication going on. This stops any perpetrator from being aware that any dynamic lockdown is actually happening - thus stopping frustration of the incident occurring.

Clearly the choice from below could be by singular solution, but it's also possible to combine our products so that there is a very resilient solution installed on your site which could be used in near enough all circumstances discussed on other pages of this website. We recommend you examine each page for other insights that might help you regarding any decisions of equipment you need and of course you can either fill out our contact form or call us on 01782 537000.

Products available

Below are examples of products that can easily be used for lockdown in schools and academies and other sites:

Butler XP


This device is most often used stand alone and you would use one of these maybe in each classroom. As you can see it can be supplied in either one button version or two button version. Each button is programmable for any text you might want to send to a pager independently. Some organisations use the second button for other emergencies such as fire alert to staff. The unit can 'repeat' a message up to four times. Programmability includes individual, group or everyone notifications.

The Butler XP is battery driven and when batteries start to run down the unit will page a responsible person to tell them its time to change batteries - but batteries can last for some time. There is also a mains conversion available for this device. The unit works with our alphanumeric text pagers and signal can be extended with our high powered signal repeaters.

Using this device becomes a 'stand alone' solution  and other than range determined by signal boost repeaters you only need alphanumeric pagers.

TX-7470 Transmitter


The TX7470 transmitter can be used as a stand alone device that could be used by any major 'controller' within the organisation to notify staff of any lockdown or emergency situation. This device could message an individual, a group or everyone and has 76 pre stored messages, but importantly, 21 custom messages that can be anything you want them to be. Through careful programming you can use this transmitter to repeatedly message staff continuously until it is manually stopped which makes this a premium product in those emergency situations. This device operates from the mains supply.

The TX7470 also has two 'dry contacts' on the back of the unit that can be used as 'panic buttons' to start an emergency situation. There is also a 'RG45' network connector so that the unit can be addressed and used through a computer network so that messaging could come from computers on the premises.

Range on this unit is up to 2 miles in open air, but that is reduced when inside buildings. However our signal boost repeaters do extend the range of this unit if required.

This transmitter works with all of our pagers but in particular with our alphanumeric text pager. The TX7470 is our most powerful stand alone units and has a multiplicity of features far too extensive to cover here.

Signal Booster


The signal booster is based on the internals of the TX7470 and has also inherited the same range. These boosters can be 'chained' together to extend the coverage of our systems over a much wider area. As an example we covered 1/2 square mile with four of these repeaters. Repeaters allow the original signal from our transmitters to be extended. This repeater works with ALL of our transmitters.

One of the great features of these units is that there is no programming involved, simply walk to where range ends, walk back 10 meters and plug in this unit. The booster is mains powered and needs nothing else to operate.

This unit works with all of our pagers but is usually matched with our alphanumeric text pager for emergency type of solutions.

Alphanumeric Text Pager


The text pager shown above can receive a message that is over 200 characters long and is perfectly suited to the other equipment shown on this page. The unit is battery driven but the unit can be programmed to automatically turn on or off for hours when it will be in use, thus extending battery life to up to three months.

The unit is fully programmable and can be addressed individually, as a member of any five groups or as part of an 'all page' that is particularly suited to emergency situations.

The pager comes with a clip for belt use, but we can also supply very robust leather cases for this unit which improves longevity of the pager and reduces accidental damage accordingly. Our systems typically can support at least 999 pagers.

Netpage Unlimited (NPU)


Click image for a larger view

Netpage is a computer program that is installed on to a single computer where all controls are set up. Typically this computer is connected to a site wide network, but with careful setting up can even notify other wide area sites using netpage unlimited so it is suitable for larger organisations.

The application has various options for messaging staff over the network, via email, or even SMS text directly to their cellphone. For network PC's connecting to netpage it's simple, the local PC uses the browser to connect so no real change to the PC needs to take place - which is an advantage when busy IT departments need to maintain networks as simply as possible.

The system uses the TX7470-232 transmitter (similar looking to our signal repeater above) and there can be multiple units connected directly to the computer network so range becomes no issue. Repeaters are not typically required with netpage.

Our alphanumeric text pagers are fully compatible, but also all other pagers we manufacture also work including customer pagers and other staff pagers so the system can be used for other uses when not being used for emergency or lockdown purposes.

Features are very extensive and beyond the scope of this website so for further information on netpage unlimited please do fill out our contact form or call 01782 537000.

Two-Way Radios


There has, over recent years been a revolution where two way radios (sometimes called walkie talkies) are concerned. Originating in the 'analogue' world, often two way radios lacked in features compared to later products. Once the 'digital' two-way radio appeared a few years ago everything changed. Hybrid radios that can communicate both in analogue and digital are now common place and the advantages include the ability to integrate with older systems, but now offer things like text messaging from the digital radio.

Typical licensed radios can travel up to 7 miles so range is not always an issue if you consider these for any lockdown or emergency solution on-site. And often the communication (especially with that messaging text on the digital radios) is silent and keeps communications away from perpetrators.

We supply every brand of radio and currently supply some of the largest companies in the UK which gives us great buying power that we pass on to customers.

But we have also developed other products that integrate with two way radio equipment such as our RSU unit that can call external help via telephone (up to three numbers) continuously until help arrives... it's perfect for any lockdown situation. As well as this advantage, we also have another optional add on solution that can change radio voice to text messages which is an extremely useful feature in these circumstances.

For the complete story about two way radios and other units we have developed please call us on 01782 537000.

The next step?

Clearly we cannot communicate every aspect of our lock-down solutions on this website and it is not intended to do so. Please examine the basics above and for more information or a quotation please do contact us by filling out the form below or from our contact page.