Other Dangers & Threats

Other Types of Threats

Threats to people come in many types, whether it's a dangerous dog in the grounds that could attack children, pupils or even staff, or if there are other less critical (but may be still life threatening) threats such as a bee swarm that attacks people on-site there should always be a procedure that can handle the situation. A Dynamic lockdown procedure is able to restrict access through physical actions to minimalize the effect of the treat completely if possible or reduce as far as circumstances will allow.


Of course there are also many other threats that happen in schools and academies, for example even a fire alarm might qualify as a partial or full lock-down for your site - it's all relative to the level of danger that the threat poses to life and only staff on-site utilizing the relevant proactive and dynamic procedures could ever really determine the level needed. It is not unusual to have people in authority such as head teacher, deputy head teacher, and two others (minimum) as backup in case of absence.

The implementation of CCTV and security zones on-premise are usually a great addition that can be used effectively in dynamic lockdown situations, like most other effective 'tools' at the disposal of the staff used correctly can reduce any threats dramatically. Underlying all threats however, is the effective use of communication systems and while some communications are detrimental to the threat, paging systems and two way radio systems these days can be completely silent if needed.

Essential Communications

Clearly, communications while under threat are top priority and the underlying equipment must be operationally stable. But there are other considerations also when it comes down to lockdown. Parents and others will need to be contacted as a matter of course and your dynamic lockdown procedures should reflect this important aspect so that parents and others are up to date where possible with the current situation. Communication solutions are so essential to complete success of any situation and the right choice becomes acute if systems you might currently have are unreliable or out of date.

Communication Equipment We Offer

Our systems have been developed over many years and are designed to be robust and effective but affordable. We use paging technologies and two-way radio analogue and digital systems to create an underlying communications network that could work in almost any situation where lives are at stake. Our equipment and solutions can work on or off-site and depending on what you need effective ranges vary from local on-site, off-site or even world-wide with the right solution.

For further information about our communication solutions please examine our products here or call 01782 537000 and we can help.