Official NaCTSO & NPCC Guidance

Please refer to NaCTSO and NPCC and Guidance from Your Local Council

Of course, there are bodies that offer official guidance for schools and academies regarding creating dynamic and lockdown procedures for your organisation and that guidance is essential to be fully understood.

You can contact NaCTSO website here: NaCTSO Website

NaCTSO: The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) is a police unit that supports the 'protect and prepare' strands of the government’s counter terrorism strategy.

The above link is where you can find the NaCTSO Guidance Note 1/2015 and that may be updated from time to time so please do check accordingly. The website includes many other aspects also such as 'run and hide' procedures and other very useful guidance. We don't post that information here because it might become out of date so the above NaCTSO link is essential information for ANY body that needs to implement lockdown and to apply other procedures within their organisation, school, academy or university.

NaCTSO states that dynamic lockdown definition is: "Dynamic lockdown is the ability to quickly restrict access and egress to a site or building (or part of) through physical measures in response to a threat, either external or internal. The aim of lockdown is to prevent people moving into danger areas and preventing or frustrating the attackers accessing a site (or part of). It is recognized that due to their nature some sites may not be able to physically achieve lockdown."

NaCTSO also say why a dynamic lockdown is important: "Those seeking to conduct attacks undertake a level of planning including hostile reconnaissance. All opportunities to detect and deter threats at the attack and planning phase should be taken. Presenting a strong security posture through visible and effective activity, for example by staff awareness and reporting processes, efficient use of CCTV, deterrent communications and active security zones."

It is essential that you understand what these organisations have to contribute so that you can develop a proactive dynamic procedure for your site(s).

Local Council Guidance

Most establishments have some input from local councils regarding lockdown and evading threats. Generally council's offer guidance to help you to develop a sound procedure that will work. Please check with your local council for their guidance on these subjects.

Our Involvement

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